About Us

About Us

Bridging the Technology Gap

Bridging the Gap

Reaching Small Towns and Rural Communities

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Trace Fiber Networks seeks to bridge the technology gap negatively affecting small towns and rural communities within Chickasaw Country. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chickasaw Nation, Trace operates a fiber optic network encompassing the CN’s 13.5 county territory in south central Oklahoma. The fiber network provides unsurpassed speed and reliability to Chickasaw Nation-owned businesses, offices, head starts, hospitals, clinics, and libraries.

  • 13+ Counties within Chickasaw Nation

  • Giving businesses new opportunities

  • Unsurpassed Speed and Reliability
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We Strive For Speed and Reliability

We understand that small towns and rural communities deserve technology just as much as any urban community. Our products include Dark Fiber, Managed Wavelength, Ethernet Services, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), with Broadband (Shared Internet Access) coming soon!

Natchez Trace Origins

Retaining connection to the world around us

Retaining connection to the world around us

Trace Fiber Networks derives its name from the Natchez Trace, a historical route located near the Chickasaw Nation’s ancestral homelands in present-day Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. The Chickasaw people, in addition to other First American tribes, utilized the Natchez Trace for trade and commerce, relying on the path to reach new communities for the exchange of goods and ideas. Today, the Natchez Trace serves as a reminder of the importance of retaining a physical connection to the world around us for purposes of facilitating economic development. Trace Fiber Networks believes that broadband, and in particular fiber-optic Internet, is the modern day version of the trade route once relied upon by the Chickasaw people for commerce. It is with a similar commitment to facilitating opportunity for our community that Trace Fiber Networks seeks to bridge the digital divide in Chickasaw territory.

Real-life results

We Generate Results for Our Customers

We generate results for our customers

“Trace Fiber optics started out strong as a partner to my company. We desperately needed a quality connection, and I can say Trace Fiber delivered above and beyond my expectations. Trace has proven to be trustworthy and reliable partners, and that’s the most important criteria my company looks for in vendors.”

Dietrich Rushing, Six Path Solutions