Trace Fiber Networks is launching Fiber Internet Service
Multi-gig speeds and excellent value expected in Chickasaw Country

What’s the news?
Trace Fiber Networks, LLC, or TFN, plans to launch its fiber Internet service to bring reliable, high-speed broadband starting in 7 communities within Chickasaw Country. Service is expected to be available to businesses starting in Summer of 2023 with future plans to expand to local residents.

For more information and to stay up to date on our release of our fiber-based Broadband product, service areas or to inquire about other services that Trace has available, contact us.

With this new service, small towns and rural communities can access new opportunities with fast, reliable, and secure Internet service.

“Chickasaw Country has lacked a true fiber based broadband provider for far too long. Trace Fiber Networks is here to change that by installing a ‘future-proof’ fiber network in our communities. We have already invested millions of dollars in our first-class middle-mile network which has been in operation since 2020. Access to reliable high-speed broadband is essential to keep our communities from falling further behind in the digital divide. Fiber is the ultimate gold standard when it comes to providing reliable ultra-high-speed internet. “ Josh Snow-President, Trace Fiber Networks.

Why is this important?
TFN is committed to bridging the technology gap negatively affecting small towns and rural communities within Chickasaw Country. The TFN team is eager to ensure no household in Chickasaw territory is without access to reliable and affordable broadband service. We recognize that Internet access is essential to taking advantage of quality of life enhancing resources, such as Telehealth services and remote employment opportunities.

TFN’s network expansion will deliver enhanced access to education, jobs, and healthcare. TFN expects to offer speeds of up to 10-Gigs of fiber-based broadband to these communities. We encourage businesses and residents to share your interest in obtaining service, and to be the first to know when TFN Fiber is available in their area by visiting:

Why TFN Fiber?
With up to 10-Gigs of speed, TFN Fiber is anticipated to be the fastest internet among other providers in the service areas. Business and Residents with TFN Fiber can enjoy consistent, high-performing broadband service, even when several devices are connected to the network at one time. TFN Fiber will connect people choosing to work from home long-term, students needing access to internet for homework assignments, and families streaming multiple video programs and games.

*About TFN
Trace Fiber Networks (TFN) seeks to bridge the technology gap negatively affecting small towns and rural communities within Chickasaw County. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chickasaw Nation (CN), TFN operates a fiber optic network encompassing the CN’s 13 county territory in south central Oklahoma.The fiber network provides unsurpassed speed and reliability to CN-owned businesses, offices, head starts, hospitals, clinics, and libraries, in addition to other local businesses, schools and libraries.

Our team of industry experts is comprised of lifelong south central Oklahoma residents. We understand firsthand the need for affordable, reliable and competitive internet service in our area.

Trace Fiber Networks continually seeks new opportunities to expand its fiber network. Our goal is to ensure that every household in Chickasaw Country is connected, and we will work diligently until this goal is a reality. For more information about TFN, please visit us at

Cautionary Language Concerning Forward-Looking Statements
Information set forth in this news release contains financial estimates and other forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual results might differ materially. TFN disclaims any obligation to update and revise statements contained in this news release based on new information or otherwise.